Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting the Wehrley Labs main site.

This site is the central hub for all of the games, videos, comics, and other content that we’re making in the different labs.

We’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming! In the next couple of days, we will be:

  • Releasing our first public game episode, “Blood Vein: Part 1”
  • Officially launching our Patreon, Itch.io, and Discord sites
  • Adding some new “quality of life” features to the different sites

We’ll be adding updates on our Patreon page every couple of days, and we’ll be releasing new mini games/levels/episodes throughout the month, so check it out!

Thanks for choosing Wehrley Labs as your provider for absurd, ridiculous, and silly fun!

-Kelly B. Wehrley (owner and burrito connoisseur)

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